cobbler, the office, and a harp

well, i’m posting a day late but w/e. yesterday was my first day back in charleston (well, goose creek. meh) and it was quite a day. i got home and had some yummy coffee with my brother from starbucks. at starbucks, there was a barista there that just happened to be my long-lost friend, james.

after indulging in a little pumpkin spice (that james provided on the house) i went back home a chatted with my brother’s thug friends for a while. well, i only talk to one of them because that’s the only decent one he hangs out with. plus his sister is a friend of mine. anyways, after that, i went over to my friend christen’s house, where we reminiced until i had to come home to gym it up with my mom. i’ve realized the goose creek rec center is no where near as nice as strom thurmond. i’ve been spoiled!

then, james called and wanted to know if i wanted to see the movie australia, which i’ve never heard of in my life, but there were no show times that late. instead we decided to watch the office (season 4) at his house. at his house i found this fun little harp-esque instrument and let me just say, it was so cool! i really want one. oh and james gave me the cd, city and colour. listened to it on the way home; that is some good music.

before we started watching the office, james decided we should make a run to walmart for some lipton iced tea. that is where i decided that we needed to bake a cobbler and get some vanilla ice cream. more specificially, blackberry cobbler.

so, after we get back to his house, an hour and 2 episodes of the office later, we had cobbler. i mean, just look at the picture and try not to drool. anyways, the pictures above documented the expirence with james. enjoy!


About samantharainwater

I love teaching and learning and getting all the experiences I can out of this life.
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