powder puff football

okay, this is my best friend allen as a (crossdressing) male cheerleader. here’s the story:

i don’t know how other schools (high schools, that is) do powder puff, but my alumni, stratford high school, has girl football players, guy cheerleaders, and king puff. king puff is like the homecoming queen. guy cheerleaders dress up in girl cheerleading outfits. this is where allen comes in.

i got my wisdom teeth taken out, but i just couldn’t miss the chance to take some pictures of allen as a drag cheerleader, especially since that is so out of character for him. well, anyways. for a male cheerleader, he sure was a cutie!! i mean, how could you not agree?? just look at those pics! hopefully allen won’t be too mortified if he sees them!


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I love teaching and learning and getting all the experiences I can out of this life.
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