this is a painting that i did last night. i was really surprised it turned out so well, given my lack of formal art instruction. anways. this is for my good friend brittany. she has a lot of health issues and i wanted to give her a constant reminder that the Lord is with her forever. that he’ll be her sheild when things are hard. that, my dear friends, is glorious (hence the name of the blog)!

but i just want to take a second and be self centered and show what the original picture looked like:

i wish that i knew who took this picture so i could give them a photo credit. i just looked up “flickr” in a google image search and this is one of the images that popped up. i was also thinking about how beautiful God made his earth while i was painting this picture. i mean, purple and orange definitely don’t mix together to make a beautiful color, but i don’t know of many things more beautiful than orange running into a purple sky for a sunset! the Lord certainly is the author of beauty!


About samantharainwater

I love teaching and learning and getting all the experiences I can out of this life.
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