okay. here’s a list i made of my ideal man. and then i drew him on the other side of the paper. i’m not really this picky (well kind of). i mean i’m not going to look for a cookie cutter guy. in fact, i’m not really looking. i do have standards, but i’m just waiting until God gives me the man i’ll be with for the rest of my life. i trust him with my life, and i trust him to give me my life partner when the time is right. i hope he’ll have at least some of these, though.

1-30-1Just in case you can’t read the crummy picture phone quality:

1. He must, must, must love Jesus. Way more than he loves me.
2. He should be a Democrat, Moderate, and I can even deal with moderately Conservative.
3. He gets extra points if he was at the 2009 Inauguration of Barack Obama.
4. He can’t be shorter than me. In fact, I’d prefer him to be at least a few inches taller.
5. He should be nice to look at.
6. He needs to be smart. I can’t marry someone less intelegent than I.
7. He needs great musical taste. If he plays music, that would be even more awesome.
8. No drinking (in excess) and definitely no smoking or drugs.
9. He should be level headed. No yelling. It’s not a good enviornment to raise children in.
10. He should have a descent sense of style, but should still need my input every now and then.
11. He will always wear the scarves I make him. And anything else for that matter.

The End. I promise I’m not weird and ultra picky.


About samantharainwater

I love teaching and learning and getting all the experiences I can out of this life.
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3 Responses to ideal.

  1. tonilawrimore says:

    i literally just laughed out loud at this.
    awesome, Sam. I love the drawing…and how he’s waving.

  2. Anna Westbury says:

    Sam, i love your blog. It kind of makes my life. a lot. You are precious and so is your guy. I love his curly hair. You made my day. hugs

  3. george says:

    the answer to your question?
    yes. i am stalking you.
    only because we have 344598 things in common.
    like most of your standards.

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