img_4339-polaokay, how stinkin’ cute is this junk? i downloaded some polaroid thing for my mac yesterday. you just drag the picture onto the camera and it makes it into a really awesome faded/aged polaroid picture. thanks, hunter boone.

today i ate brunch with toni at cafe strudle. we played with 3D glasses and decided it was a really good thing that we don’t smoke pot because we are weird enough as it is. the people that work at the strudle are also really awesome (lemme throw some duces to my intern dad). oh, i also got a parking ticket today. hahaha. i’m not even mad. i parked in a “reserved” spot, so i guess i deserved it. BUT, i did get a parking spot at blatt, which like never happens so i’m pretty happy. tonight i take my written test for WUSC. finally! i got everything done, por fin. and i got my demo CD finished as well. i think i sound ridiculous on it, but i think the sound of my own voice is just awkward.


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I love teaching and learning and getting all the experiences I can out of this life.
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6 Responses to polaroid

  1. tonilawrimore says:

    brunch ROCKED today.

  2. Hunter Boone says:

    I knew you would love it! It’s really cool because if you just let the photo sit, it develops different, but if you shake the image and move it around, it develops faster with different effects.

  3. samcrumpler says:

    Oh my gosh I didn’t know that! I’m going to go try that right now.

  4. Hunter Boone says:

    Did you try out the fingerprint effect too?

  5. Hunter Boone says:

    Click on Poladroid on the top left and then click preferences then post-processing and activate the two effects.

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