photo-35look! i don’t have a face!

last night i spent some time with a few of my fellow midterns. i made the mistake of saying that talking about poop makes me really uncomfortable and guess what we ended talking about ALL NIGHT LONG. poop. we also played with lauren’s ceiling fan. i suggested that we should get one of those exercising trampolines and see if we can stick our heads in between the fan blades without getting smacked in the face. we’ll see how that goes. today i hung out with my DC group. TEAM WORK. that’s the name of our group. we ate at monterrays and i feel like we were there for almost 3 hours because no one brought us our check. oh, and the Gathering was really awesome today. i am an alien to this world. i don’t belong here. my home is where God is. but, while i’m here it’s my job to live with those of the world and show them how awesome Jesus is. God is my father, and i am so glad i’m realizing how much he really loves me. it gives me butterflies.


About samantharainwater

I love teaching and learning and getting all the experiences I can out of this life.
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