this is my brother’s picture. he’s trying out for yearbook and had to take 3 pictures. this is my favorite one. who knew my brother had some artistic ability after all? he’ll surpass us all.

tonight, lesley and i went to starbucks to study for our religion exam that is tomorrow. what started off as studying, ended up as a game of MASH. and we are not ashamed. i am going to marry thomas wilkinson and drive a black smart car. thomas and i are going to get married in a bar (ew). i’ll be wearing a white wedding dress and we’ll have our honey moon in costa rica. we’re going to own a bunny as a pet and i’m going to earn 100 G’s a year doing humanitarian work. oh and we’re going to adopt siamese twins. lesley is going to marry jake reynalds. i’m just going to leave it at that.


About samantharainwater

I love teaching and learning and getting all the experiences I can out of this life.
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One Response to :)

  1. lauren says:

    thats hillarious,and just wanted to let u know i read these!
    i miss you and love you,its so good to hear that you are doing so well girl=]
    that makes me so happy,just to know!<3loveyou

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