03250919191today me and amanda and george and kathryn and kelly went to the oxfam hunger banquet. we were all low-income, with the exception of kelly. she ate chicken and cookies and tea and salad and we got rice. it was a cool way to show the unequal disbursement of wealth in the world. but i also realized that a lot of girls show up to things like this and boys don’t. but the rice was undercooked and i realized that a lot of people eat undercooked rice all the time and i’m thankful. one of the things that they said though was that we don’t help poor people because they’re poor, but because we are resposible and blah blah. but i knew the whole time that the reason why people help the underprivledged and downcast is because of the gift Jesus gave to us. and it kind of is because they’re underprivledged. it is about them, not about us. that’s just a selfish way to see it. they are better than me, even though my family makes a good bit of money. i’m not better because i have the resouces to help them. that is just ridiculous.


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I love teaching and learning and getting all the experiences I can out of this life.
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