amanda lambert is a storytelling genius.

“welll there was this man, frances, who lived on a farm with three goats and cat  named mildred. one day frances went outside to feed mildred and she wasnt sleeping in her bed. he got a little worried and went to look around the farm for her. but he couldnt find her anywhere. so he decided to put bowls of food all over the farm hoping that she would come back. well after he put the food out he left for work. while he was at work the goats ate all the cat food. when he returned home he saw that all the cat food was gone so he thought that meant mildred was back but sadly he couldnt find her. so he went inside ate dinner and cried for like 3 hours because he thought mildred had died. then he went to bed. the next morning he went outside and the three goats had morphed into half cat/half goat creatures because they ate the cat food.”

-amanda lambert


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I love teaching and learning and getting all the experiences I can out of this life.
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