Picture 3so, our president is giving a back to school address for kids on tuesday. he’s giving an address to “encourage kids to study hard and stay in school.” this doesn’t seem too outrageous, at least to me. maybe i’m a little biased because i voted for obama and support him, but i don’t understand why people are getting upset about an encouraging address to school kids. if you can’t tell in from the article, a concerned mother said, “thinking about my kids in school having to listen to that just really upsets me… i’m an american. they are americans, and i don’t feel like that’s OK. i feel very scared to be in this country with our leadership right now.”
do you really feel scared in this country, ma’am? okay. well. maybe you can leave this country with horribly unstable leadership, and enjoy the leadership in places like sudan or venezuela. maybe once you’re there, you can get interviewed again and we can see how you like it. i’d be very interested to know. if you are going to pride yourself on being an american, read up on some american fundamentals. oh, like freedom of speech. one of the whole reasons why this country was founded in the first place.
people. can we stop assuming that the liberals are trying to propagandize everything for a second a let OUR president welcome students back to school? my mom is a teacher and at her school, the principal is making the teachers responsible for telling the parents of their students if they choose to show the address. if they DO show the address, they have to give the parents an option to opt out. many schools aren’t even giving teachers the option to show the address.
in one school, the principal is going to pre-screen the address and then “edit it for legnth.” that sounds a lot like CENSORSHIP if you ask me. are they really going to “edit for legnth”?
it’s not like this has never happened before! ronald regan gave a back-to-school address and so did george h.w. bush. this is not a revoultionary idea. SOMEONE needs to be encouraging kids to study hard and not drop out! let your children make their own opinions on things instead of forcing your ideals down their throats.

//end rant.


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I love teaching and learning and getting all the experiences I can out of this life.
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One Response to speech?!

  1. Ashley Mixon says:

    AMEN!! i like to consider myself a bit of a conservative. i never was really an Obama supporter… but SERIOUSLY?! i don’t see the big deal here. our president is trying to do a good thing for the citizens of this country…

    really Americans??? when our president (of yours past) doesn’t do his job and has affairs and brings shame to this country, you complain. when our president (Mr. Obama, that is) is DOING HIS JOB and trying to encourage children to do their best and he is trying to instill hope into the next generation, you complain. then please tell me, what do you want???

    thanks for the post, sam! love it!

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