Every time God is leading His people into or through something that really is massive for their sanctification and for His glory, you’ll find the commandment, ‘Do not fear.’  – Beau Hughes

Do not fear. That’s a command. Not useful tips.

Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing? Luke 12:23

Okay so today I listened to this sermon by Beau Hughes from the Village Church. In the sermon he asked “Is life not more than _______” And I was thinking. What do I need to fill in the blanks with?

Is life not more than…
…school and grades?
…pleasing people?
…being a perfectionist?
…receiving justification from others?
…being a complete control freak in certain aspects of my life?

Of course life is more than that. Why don’t I understand it. Then in the sermon Beau Hughes said, “When you worry like this, you act like an unbeliever.” When I worry opposed to trusting God, I’m acting like I don’t believe that God has it under control. I’m acting like I don’t believe that God has a perfect plan for me and he will be glorified through it.

WHERE in my heart do I not believe that You love me and will take care of me? God, please reveal to me the origins of my anxieties. You take care of the birds! You take care of animals that don’t even have souls. You provide for them. How can I doubt that You will provide for me? Please bring me to the heart of it.


About samantharainwater

I love teaching and learning and getting all the experiences I can out of this life.
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One Response to anxiety.

  1. callie says:

    sammie, i love you.

    & i love our Father.

    thank you for posting this.

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