proverbs 31

the other day i was listening to a sermon on sanctification in marriage. i’m not really sure what got me to listen to it since i am no where near getting married, but i’m very glad i did. something that kind of got my attention and has been on my mind ever since is the concept of being a godly woman. proverbs 31 talks about a wife of noble character, but why does it have to be a wife? like, shouldn’t i strive to be all of those things before i get married? and if jesus doesn’t have marriage in his plans for me then i should strive to be everything that proverbs 31 lays out anyway.

so, things i need for jesus to do in me:

  • trust. or rather the ability to be trusted.
  • to be enriching to the lives around me. not dragging people down, but encouraging them with god’s truth.
  • to bring GOOD and not harm. to keep my from stupid arguments that only hurt others.
  • to be hardworking, NOT apathetic. with everything i do, i pray that i would work hard and as if everything were for the lord. which it is supposed to be.
  • intentional with other people. especially the girls in my life group. always.
  • energetic and strong. i don’t want to seem sluggish and as if i don’t care. and strong with the lord’s stregnth.
  • caring to the poor and needy. to see them as god’s children. as not just people, but people with SOULS.
  • provisional for my family when/if i get married.
  • clothed with dignity.
  • to LAUGH without WORRY for the future. to put all my hope in the lord and give all my anxieties to him. and this doesn’t mean i can’t be troubled, but knowing that in strife, the lord is sovereign.
  • when i speak, to speak wisdom.
  • to give instructions with KINDNESS.
  • to suffer NOTHING due to laziness.
  • to be real with people. not charming and deceptive. but real. that people would see jesus. not me.

and i look at that list and i’m overwhelmed at how much work jesus needs to do in me. but it’s all about the sanctification process and jesus is faithful.


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I love teaching and learning and getting all the experiences I can out of this life.
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