subjected in hope

‘Paul looks out at volcanoes and tsunamis and cancer and tumors and groaning and screaming and pain everywhere, and he says, “Like a mom in labor.”  If you’re in the hospital and you hear a scream across the hall, it makes a huge difference whether you’re in the maternity unit or the oncology unit.  You might say, “No it doesn’t, because pain is pain.”  Well, that’s true.  In one sense, pain is pain, but every mom and ever dying cancer patient knows pain is not just pain.  There’s pain that brings life, and there’s pain that issues death. And Paul is looking at the whole world here in verse 22 and he’s saying, “I’ll give you an interpretation of what I see.  Birth pains.” God is going somewhere with this.  God is going to bring a new heaven and a new Earth, and this present suffering is like a woman in labor, and what she’s going to give birth to is that.  All of your sufferings, including your death, are birth pains.  You’re going right into life.’ –John Piper

Romans 8

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I love teaching and learning and getting all the experiences I can out of this life.
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  1. katiembrewer says:

    wow. what is this from?

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